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The Cornflake Zone| Programming for fun
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I've had a Palm for a while now and have been trying to set some time aside to develop for it. I've finally gotten setup and this is the output.
For development I use the GCC SDK for the Palm Pilot. I also have downloaded the palm pilot emulator from Palm computing. I must say it works pretty well.
I personally have a Palm IIIx and am thinking about upgrading to the Palm V. I just can't justify the expense, perhaps when I'm rich or the Palm V is cheap, whichever comes sooner.
My first application was written in about two hours and basically served to help me figure out how to code and install my application. It doesn't do much but it helped me figure out the form design, event loop etc of the Palm.
Hex to Decimal - This is my second application and does not exist yet. It should teach me even more and actually do something! It'll take decimal numbers and convert them to hexidecimal.